Customer Service / Sales Representative Wanted - Work from Home

Aurora, IL

Looking for a great career?  This opportunity may be for you!

We are a growing residential service company located in Aurora and we are ready to add a couple team members to operate our state-of-the-art customer service program. Our customers deserve prompt attention and careful follow through. If you like to help people, are relatively persuasive by nature and have a positive, enthusiastic and fun approach to customer service; we want to talk to you. We offer an excellent wage, health, dental, incentive pay and paid vacations. We also offer continuing education and excellent working conditions.  We have positions available for in office and work from home. If you have any sales or management experience, please note that on your application.

Want a quick inside look at what it's like to work here?  Click here to watch a quick video.


What we need:

  • People interested in working Monday thru Friday, day time hours.

  • At least 2-years of experience in customer service

  • Ability to pass a background check and drug screening

  • High school degree or equivalent

  • Excellent verbal skills

  • Ability to effectively communicate technical information to non-technical clients

  • Ability to recommend what is in the best interest of the client and support that recommendation by educating the client


What you’ll be responsible for:

  • Converting inbound calls into appointments

  • Making outbound calls to existing customers to set appointments

  • Turning our customers into raving fans


What you’ll get from us:

  • Insurance

    • Fantastic Health and Dental insurance through Blue Cross & Blue shield for you and your entire family

    • Most insurance plans for our industry don't cover near as much as ours does

    • You get to pick: HMO or PPO

    • Our rates are extremely low when compared to competitors

  • Training

    • Our training is second to none, guaranteed

    • We pay for all of your training and costs associated with travel & lodging

  • Time Off

    • We give 8 days of company paid vacation and personal time for the first year of service

    • You may earn up to 18 days paid vacation and personal time for company loyalty

    • We also allow 2 weeks of unpaid personal time off per year… think about what that's worth to you

  • Vacation Contests

    • We hold contests where employees can win a paid vacation for two to an exotic destination

  • Culture

    • We have an environment of team players that like to make money & have fun

    • Our employees often tell us that they look forward to coming to work every day

    • We have several company outings per year where we all get to know each other better

    • Think about how valuable it is to work for a company where you enjoy your time at work

  • Communication

    • We encourage, welcome & listen to communication from everyone in the company

    • Everyone in the company has a voice

    • Anyone in the company can talk to the owner & the owner listens

  • Opportunity for Advancement

    • We are a fast growing company that believes in growing our employees and hiring from within first

    • We don't give promotions for seniority, we give them for ability

  • Our Company Reputation

    • We have a great reputation in the marketplace. Check our online reviews.

  • Employee Appreciation & Respect

    • We consider our employees one of our most valuable assets and we treat them that way!


I need to hire now, so please don’t wait to apply.  You don’t have anything to lose. Apply now so we can chat and see if there’s a good fit for us.  I promise to keep our initial conversation short and to respect your time. I truly hope this is the last time you’ll ever have to apply for a job for the rest of your life.



Justin Carrol

Owner:  Perfect Home Services


P.S.:  We are a proud member of the Nexstar organization. If you have any prior experience working for a Nexstar, PSI, One Hour, Ben Franklin, Airtime 500 company or have taken any other specialty classes, please make note on your application.